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Worried about the recent AREIT sell-off? Don’t be
After murmurings of a lift in U.S. interest rates and an increase in domestic bond yields which followed, the AREIT sector and other bond proxies plummeted. Since reaching its peak in early August, the ASX AREIT sector has declined by about 14%.

The sell off has been counter intuitive with many low risk, high quality portfolios being sold down excessively.

So, what’s going on and what does it mean for AREIT investors?

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How online retailing transformed the shopping centre
Despite the hype, online retailing accounts for just 6.8% of the bricks and mortar retail sector, a percentage that hasn’t changed much in recent years.

What has changed are shopping centres themselves, which in some cases are busier than ever.

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No More Practice – Thoughts Leaders (episode 2)
In the second part of Vanessa Stoykov’s conversation, APN Property Group, Chief Executive, Real Estate Securities Michael Doble, is joined by Corrine Ng, Asian Real Estate Securities Portfolio Manager, to discuss the opportunities Asian REITs can provide to Aussie investors.

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What the robot wars mean for Asian property
As leader of one of the world’s largest conglomerates making everything from aircraft engines to cyber security software, General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt knows a thing or two about robots.

In fact, he believes they’ll bring an end to the days of “wage arbitrage”, where high cost jobs are exported to lower cost countries.

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Why AREIT prices have declined and what happens next
Since hitting a high in early August, the S&P/ASX 200 AREIT index has since declined around 13%. The fall prompts a few questions, including the reasons for it, the impacts and what we might expect from here.

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