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For investors and analysts alike, this is a frantic time of year. Amid the flurry of results and management commentary, it’s easy for ordinary investors to lose focus on what’s important.

Here are the three AREIT metrics that really deserve your attention this reporting season.

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With fewer full time office based staff, the amount of space an office requires is shrinking.

What does this mean for office landlords? Does the rise of flexi-work culture mean the end of the office?

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One of the most striking things I’ve witnessed during three decades of observing investment markets is how investors tend to do the opposite of what works.

In every other area of our lives we tend to buy more of something when prices fall and less when they rise. Why is the sharemarket different?

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APN is looking forward to participating in the ASX Investor Days in March, which are taking place across the major cities. Our Fund Managers will also be speaking at the “Meet the Managers” panel session.

The investor days provide retail investors with a great opportunity to hear from a range of industry experts on markets, portfolio construction and technical updates. We would love to see you at the events.

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Event Dates
  • 6th March Adelaide
  • 8th March Perth
  • 14th March Brisbane
  • 21st March Melbourne
  • 28th March Sydney
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    We’ve recently updated our product disclosure statements. You can download the new versions here.

    If you would like to order hard copies, please contact the APN Investor services team by phone on 1800 996 456 or at
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